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Jennifer says:

“My son has a hard time expressing his feelings and these cards help him speak to me. ”

Women Founded, Led, and Owned, Eco-Conscious, Small Business.

The E.L.O. deck uses affirmations as a stepping stone to educate parents on the importance of teaching children to have a healthy growth mindset. The concepts introduced will guide parents to raise resilient children who are reminded that they are a gift to those around them, while still keeping them grounded.

The E.L.O. deck includes 32 flashcards for kids aged 4-7 years old, rooted in psychology. The deck includes sensory flashcards complete with original illustrations, and concepts rooted in psychology. Each affirmation is paired with an adult guided conversation prompt and activity to encourage children to learn through connection and play. The E.L.O. method is done through step-by-step learning and reinforcement.

A deck of affirmation flashcards that promote a positive and optimistic growth mindset and self-regulation in kids. For children developmentally aged 4-7.

A resource for parents to physically and emotionally connect with their children, and raise kind, confident, and resilient minds. 

Each deck of 32 5×7 cards includes:

  • 29x carefully selected all-rounded affirmations.
    • 1x bedtime meditation + affirmation.
    • 1x coloring card, to pay it forward. (color in and share with someone special)
    • 1x ‘how to use’ card with directions and insight on our method.
    • 1x fun sticker sheet featuring our original designs.
  • magnetic closure box + cards are coated in a suede-like soft-touch finish for a sensory and luxe feel.
  • packaged in acid-free tissue paper, plastic-free and recyclable materials.

* Not Safe for Mom Group Kids Holiday Gift Guide Pick 

* Selected for 2021 Preschooler Holiday Guide by Navigating Parenthood

* Product of Culture Holiday Gift Guide for Kids by Brown Owners/Founders

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