Jennifer Justice

Lynn & Liana

Bamboo Round Serving Trays

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Jennifer says:

“I entertain a lot so look forward to trying these ”

Female Founded, Led, and Owned, Sustainable, Eco-Conscious, Charitable Give-Back.

Lynn & Liana is a female owned and run business that started in their home in 2018 and quickly grew to being an international manufacturing and e-commerce company.

They were inspired to go into business when they came across a fabulous new resin product, made by their friends at EcoPoxy. Their new product, UV-Poxy, is a plant-based resin made with recycled bioproducts. When they saw how incredibly beautiful the resin was, they wanted to create something new and special with it. So, they combined the eco-friendly resin with gorgeous hardwoods and their line of cheese boards and serving trays was born! Their items are one of a kind, hand-poured, meticulously crafted individual works for art.

They are passionate about taking what has previously been considered a waste product and making something beautiful from it. Lynn + Liana love the idea of bringing nature into people’s homes through their materials and designs. They also donate a portion of their sales toward the replanting of trees in both Canada through Trees Canada and the USA through One Tree Planted.

Wow, your guests with one of our stunning bamboo trays! Our round serving trays are the perfect carrier for breakfast in bed, an overflowing charcuterie spread with a beautiful surprise underneath, or a gorgeous accent piece for your living room or dining room! Your new tray will be the focal point of any room or event.

Our cheese boards and serving trays now come in beautiful Lynn & Liana black gift boxes to make your gift presentation even more spectacular!

Dimensions: 15 3/4” Diameter, 1 3/4” height

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